The Ring Training Challenge

I have worked with the rings to train for climbing on multiple occasions, they are extremely useful while at the same time dangerous. The challenge is of course using them in a way that doesn’t destroy your elbows, shoulders and low back. The act of just holding a proper push up position is a challenge let alone when you stack other movements on top of that position. Ask for help from someone who knows and who understands how to use them safely!

Here are some of the injuries that you may develop overtime:(this is not the whole list)

  • tendonitis in your elbows
  • shoulder rotator (all issues in your shoulders)
  • low back issues

So how do you injure yourself? Overtraining is the single best way to hurt yourself. What does overtraining look like? It looks like you using the rings multiple times a week and performing the same kind of movements over and over and over.

Overuse without proper rest prevents your body from properly recovering. Overuse will give you pain and can take you out of the game for weeks or even months.

This is not meant to explain how to use the rings correctly, but more of a reminder. As winter comes and you find yourself indoors trying to train, remember to add rest into you program and to always listen to your body. A slow progression is always better for your body than a fast one with catastrophic results and injury.




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