Whirlwind Tour of the Outdoor Retailer Winter Show

I am tired. I left my high school on Wednesday after work with Chandler Baldwin another CAMP athlete and also a Red Chili climber too. We hoped that the drive to Salt Lake City would be smooth and for the most part it was until we arrived at Soldier Pass. The snow however, slowed us down for about an hour as we crept down to the I-15 and the suburbs of Salt Lake City.

We arrive late to the Mill Creek climbing gym and joined Ari Menitove, my longtime climbing partner and fellow Colorado School of Mines graduate, for the ultimate fun session. We ended up closing down the gym and then sleeping soundly after his family’s dog Astro serenaded us in the wee hours of the night.

The next morning we headed off early to the show. Needless to say, I was really tired, I never stay up until 11pm. Let’s just say that from the time we walked into the door I was in a meeting. I was quickly scooped up by the SCARPA team to examine/critique some prototypes. Then it was to the Sterling booth where I was pleasantly surprised to see that a photo of me was the centerpiece life size climbing image for the booth.Our motto for 2017 is Sterling Strong and don’t you forget it!

Then it was to Arcteryx where I found out that I will be a part off the Climbing Academy in Squamish, BC this July 20-23. Finally, I met with the great folks at the Julbo Sunglasses booth where I gazed and learned about the newest glasses in the line.

Once I was done with the official meetings I enjoyed my extra time at the CAMP booth where I saw the new toys and made summer plans. After all that I had to check out a few other companies to say hello to friends and keep an eye out for any new and incredible products.

After that it was time to head home to the family and enjoy seeing my kids and wife. Whew. I am excited and always thankful for being a part of such wonderful companies. I am honored when they choose to use images of me in their catalogs or marketing and I look forward to more adventures that they support me on.

Ultimately, what does all this mean? It means, get outside and have an adventure and use some of the incredible tools that help you make it that are found in the outdoor industry.


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