Working with Clients

I am always amazed at the effort that my clients put forth while at my strength and conditioning sessions. Last night a client who comes in at about 250lbs was able to to an assisted muscle up. I am proud of his efforts with me the past few months and proud of his “I will try my hardest attitude”. I certainly don’t make it easy for folks and I am normally sarcastic as ever when we train. Sometimes the names of our station exercises are even a bit wrong (like the “ball of truth” or the “conan push”. These silly names make us want to stop working out or even think that the exercise is easy, but it is fun to try hard, struggle and succeed together. Keep it coming folks!

Afterward, it was one of those moments for me where I was really glad to be a part of my clients lives, however insignificant. Sharing motivation, techniques, stories and how to get fit is a good thing. I enjoy providing others with the fitness and energy to accomplish the dreams that they have arrived at while daydreaming or scanning social media.

Right now I am helping a few people who are willing to try move a little closer to their goals. I am excited to be a part of the journey and see what comes of their hard work.

For those of you who are considering actually going for your goals in life, all that I can say is plan, train and do it for success is not luck and only achieved by being willing to try.

dscn2411Its almost time to get back on this rig.

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