What’s Next?

I have been trying to get to Zion for a few months now to begin my next journey up some wall that has has caught my eye, but the weather has not been allowing it. I have not been deterred though, just patient. I have been able to establish a few new lines near my home which has been great fun. It is nice to go to an established crag and still put anchors on ignored cracks and get to climb on classic terrain after clearing the loose rock and letting the dust settle. Nothing too challenging, but nothing too easy was put up but all of them were fun.

From the time that I began climbing I have always just wanted to climb. It might seem odd that I say that but there is a reason. Grades never really inspired me when it came to climbing different routes, more than anything, they were reasons not to try something that I thought was inspiring or that had a unique feature that I wanted to climb. My personal climbing journey has been inspired by trying to reach my personal potential and evolved into just climbing what was aesthetic be it new or old. I have climbed with many folks in the past who are are driven by the grade of climbs and by their ego. What is interesting to me is that I don’t climb with them anymore because it is not fun. Someone who is only focused on climbing routes for the sake of ticking off a number is not fun to climb with. I have seen the wobblers, the fits, the tantrums, the depression, the complaints about conditions and so on and it is just awful to be around someone who behaves like that. For me just being outside is a pleasure and getting to move over the rock is icing on the cake.

So what is the point of this short blogpost? I guess it is to give you a chance to think about and answer that question that every non climber asks, why do you climb? If it is for the numbers, I feel bad for you because you will never be satisfied or happy. If it is for the love of the outdoors and the journey, then I think that I will be seeing you at a crag 40 years down the road.

Get outside and have an adventure. They are way more memorable then sending.20160213_152943

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