So two Thursdays ago, my wallet and camera were stolen from my car in my driveway. Lame. I just got my new credit card and ID today. No camera for a while cause the last one I had was really nice and I do not have the extra cash to spend on replacing it.

That is why I am without photos of my progress on my new bigwall route. You can always check my Instagram for more current updates. rob_pizem  anyway back to our story. I moved almost 4 cubic yards of gravel this morning. I should not have been so motivated because yesterday I was on the wall again with Jason Nelson for a long exhausting day of hiking and preparing the new climb.

We hiked up to the base of the wall and avoided getting rained on.BUT the second we put on our harnesses and were ready to jug the 1000ft to where I wanted to begin working, the rain began to fall. We donned our rain gear and decided that hiking up a nearby gully would save us energy since we each had heavy loads to jug with. That turned out to be a BIG mistake. The gully was not close by and it was filled with scrub oak that made upward progress nearly impossible. A blizzard moved in as the temperatures dropped which really made our hands freeze too. Once we got going smoothly we entered waist deep snow which post holing through was awful. I really started to get the feeling that Jason was not having fun.

We eventually topped out the 1000ft + gully to spectacular views that are rarely earned and trudged through the snow and blizzard conditions to my fixed lines. Whew. Now we could begin working over 3.5 hours after leaving the car. We rapped down to where a tower lie on the route and  headed up the unknown. The granite was slippery and I was very nervous as I eked my way to the top with only one piece between me and the ground. Why would I do that you might ask? I wanted to be able to haul our gear to the top without forcing Jason to have to follow my route. Now he could just jug the static line that I lead the pitch on.

At the top we installed anchors and then split the rope in half. Jason would clean and prepare a dihedral that the route would ascend and I would establish a line on a beautiful arete. After each of us trundled and cleaned the pitches in the blizzard that never ended, we rapped the rest of the route putting in anchors and the rap line. We got back to the car at dark and enjoyed being dry and warm for once that day.

Thank you to Jason for putting up with my adventures. I can be honest when I say, these are the best climbing days because I never forget the experience or the challenges that we face and overcome.


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