GoFundMe for R-5 High School (I teach and pour my heart out here)

Here is the scoop. I have been teaching high school science for 15 years. My current school is probably the best alternative learning environment for students aged 16-21.


We are currently developing/building a real garden and greenhouse on our school property and we have exhausted our local fundraising. Please take a  moment and give a little to the education of the students that were not successful at the traditional public high schools, that have been abused physically and/or mentally over the years, that struggle with family, places to sleep, drug addiction, learning and sometimes, the law.


When I say that we are doing this I really mean it. Our learners are really doing this garden from start to finish. The other teachers and myself are just guiding their infinite energy into the real world where they can be proud of their learning and work effort.

  1. They have worked the soil (rock removal, raking digging, leveling.)
  2. They have designed and built a retaining wall. (leveling and moving 80 pound blocks)
  3. Moved 100’s of cubic yards of leaves as compost by wheel barrow and tarps.
  4. Designed and built and taken ownership of our school compost system.
  5. Chosen and built the greenhouse.
  6. Assisted in the design of the irrigation system.
  7. Spread 16 cubic yards of  a gravel driveway.
  8. Designed and are building a seed incubation heating system for the greenhouse.
  9. Designed and are building the solar power system to heat and cool the greenhouse.
  10. Chosen the produce and flowers that will be grown at our school based on growing season and what is popular to consumers.


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