I thought that I was busy before.

My normal goal that continues on through everyday of my life is to trim down my obligations.

This year it is getting difficult. I recently picked up a coaching position (for my sons youth soccer team). Add that to my number one priority, my family and then all the secondary ones: my teaching job, running the outdoor program at my school, teaching and training people at the Grand Valley Climbing Gym, running a remote training side job and lastly my passion for climbing and new routing. I pretty much have no time left for anything!

It seems like all that I do is plan out daily events rather than live a little more loosely.

phone photos 157

That being said, my boys will turn 4 and 6 this summer, I will turn 41 and my wife will remain ageless, young and beautiful. I look forward to teaching in Canada this summer for Arcteryx, new routing in Colorado and Utah, camping with my sons, visiting family and maybe even sneak in a trip to Italy to climb on the Marmolada. If all goes well each day will be full of challenges that obstacles and not walls.

I just have to keep positive and keep putting one foot in front of the other.


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