Spring Break

I still have bought a camera so I apologize for the lack of photos.But I have been busy. I am coaching my sons little league soccer team. It is quite fun to watch them learn the many parts of being on a team and even how to play.

Now I am on spring break and working in Zion on another new big wall route. We were planning on hiking to the top to speed up the work but once we checked out the available possibilities, we began working the new route ground up. We were unprepared since we thought that we would just rappel the soon to be route. I had no climbing shoes, chalk or even a lead line. I just had static lines and a light rack. I was nervous heading up into the unknown with a light rack and no climbing shoes. My goal was to move the static lines up the wall as far as I could in one day, since the weather was looking bad in another day or two.

The climb was up a dihedral that climbed vertically and then out a roof. The next pitch did the same and the following pitches continued with this pattern. It was exciting to move slowly up the wall, sometimes aiding and sometimes freeing sections that suited my equipment. On the last lead I was pulling a roof just above my belay when my cam popped from its suspect placement. Mike, my partner for this adventure was able to catch me and keep me from rolling off the ledge to what could have been a big and damaging fall. I landed flat on my back, the cam popped me in the eye and face and somehow I ended up unharmed other than a small scrape on my cheek. I later made the roof move with ok gear and headed up the wild chimney,through the stemming out a roof. I look forward to tomorrow when I attempt to complete the large roof that the next pitch begins with.

We are going hard since we just have three days to work on this new route. I am not sure when I will be back to complete it so I will get as much done as possible in the few hours that I have of good weather.

Get outside and have your own adventure!




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