Spring has Sprung!

I have been surviving the last few weeks of feeling swamped. School has been extremely busy. I am now coaching my son’s soccer team a couple evenings a week and I still train folks at the gym. I have plans to complete my newest Zion route (I equipped it during spring break but did not have a chance to climb it free due to poor weather.) I will be attempting another Zion first in June with Andy Raether (it will be a doozy if we can accomplish it).

I am also trying to send a route that I established and I nearly sent last fall (but had to stop trying due to the winter temperatures). I have one more big wall free route to establish this summer before I will feel like I have actually accomplished anything this year.

So far, I have

  • freed a new 5.13 finger crack (just days before new year),
  • established a 1100ft 5.11 or 5.12+ on the Unaweep Wall (depending whether or not you choose the hard variation) Wintertime Joy is the name.
  • established a 1000ft 5.12 in Kolob Canyon in Zion National Park
  • taught a ton of great people how to build anchors at the Red Rock Rendezvous

Other goals for the year are to

  • free my route in Unweep called the Infinity Round 5.14
  • establish another long route near Ouray, Colorado
  • teach at the Arcteryx Climbing Festival in Vancouver, Canada
  • make one more trip to a destination unknown…

Let’s get it together and get it done!

Oh Really, piz route topoP-gar-31

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