I find that I am always on a schedule. When I say that I mean that every second is accounted for between family, work and whatever else is on the schedule. Then when I plan time to do nothing or relax, I always feel like I am unable to sit still. I actually dread the thought of going to a place to sit (like a beach or anywhere that you are supposed to chill). Not so sure what that means but if I am awake, then I am working on something.

I have been trying to explain that to my high school students and it is as if I am speaking another language. “What do you mean Mr. Pizem that you don’t have time to see a concert or go to a movie?” I slowly and clearly explain what my weekly schedule looks like and they quickly understand that “there is no time”.

As the days pass and I continue to feel short on time, I guess that I will wonder what it’s like to have time.

I felt tired and out of time this past Friday when Ken said that we were going to shoot some climbing photos. Thanks for this nice one. Ken Redding photo.

Piz Portrait

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