Beautiful Rain

It has been raining a bunch around here lately. I like the rain. I took my boys camping on the Grand Mesa last weekend. We were able to see lightening strikes,  experience heavy downpours, witness wild turkeys and feel lots of pricker bushes. Wandering around the mountain side in the spring time is great because the undergrowth is not too thick and impenetrable. You just get scraped up a little bit and for a 3.5 and 5.5 year old that is just the right amount. We spent most of our time playing in the river and making a dam. The spring run off was coming so quickly off the mountain created a dangerous situation for the boys as they could have been swept away at any moment so I had to keep an eagle eye on them.

DSC00041DSC00045The weather has I guess been helping me with my recovery (since I am unable to train or climb due to my recent staph infection surgery). I am hoping to get back in another week or two . At this point I am free from a sling on my arm and just wearing a band aid on my elbow. There is pain when I accidentally bump it and during some movements but the cut it healing nicely from the inside out and the infection appears to be gone.

Until then, let it rain. DSC00048

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