I have been battling lately…

It has been over 5 weeks since my staph infection and surgery to drain the infected area. My elbow has finally healed and I can actually do push ups and pull us now. Whew, so everything is back to normal and I can train and workout and run and climb again right? WRONG.


In the time it took to heal, I used my right arm a lot. In doing so I created a big muscle imbalance in my upper and low back. Combine this with no physical exercise (like training) and my back is now not cooperating. My hips are offset and I stand off to one side now and have significant pain whenever I stand, sit, lie down or move.

I have been at the chiropractor and massage studio numerous times in the past few days. I have been stretching the areas that need stretching and I still end up all bent out of shape. It is frustrating but I am learning through the process. Bottom line is that after everything that I have done in the last 40 years (skiing/climbing hiking/backpacking/ice hockey)I have failed at maintaining my body.


What I mean by that is that I have failed to be even with efforts. I have trained hard to improved but failed at the balance of maintenance. I have skipped the massages that my trainer suggested 15 years ago and now I am wound tight. It will take a little while to reprogram my body and get back to where I need to in order to feel how I should.

For those younger climbers who are charging hard toward their goals. Please be reminded that your body will only hold out for so long. Do what you need to in order to allow yourself to continue playing the way that you want  as you grow older.

In the meantime I am enjoying watching my kids grow and experience all the things kids should. These photos are of their Mayfair fundraiser day at the end of this school year.


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