Easy Aider Comparison

The Metolius Easy Aider has been the staple for me for many years. Actually, since I first ascended the Nose of El Cap in a day back in 2001. I regretfully did not have a pair back then. I had to ascend each pitch that my partner led with loose aiders where my feet constantly came off the aider step. It made me work really hard and loose a ton of valuable energy. Since then I have been enlightened and very happy with the Metolius model for a variety of reasons.

  1. You can cinch the foot strap on your foot so while jugging your foot is always attached to the step
  2. The thickness of the foot step. This allows you to be comfortable and not work your foot over when you are jugging 1000’s of feet of rope in a day.
  3. The easy of adjusting the length. This makes life simple when you are adjusting for vertical to slabby, to free hanging terrain since each of these positions require a slightly different foot length.
  4. Finally, their durability is awesome. I have only owned 2 sets in 15 years! Need I say more.

Aider Link

The CAMP aider however is a great adjustable aider that has taken over the number one spot for one simple reason. The CAMP Adjustable Aider is

  1. Light, over the years I have found that the lighter the aider, the happier that I am.
  2. The foot strap attaches easily and stays on your foot.
  3. It is sleek. Other aiders have extra webbing that always gets in the way and finds its way to get wrapped around your foot or knee when jugging. The CAMP version has eliminated the extra.
  4. The foot strap is thinner, but stable and comfortable on long jugging days.
  5. The adjustment is simple and fast.
  6. It works well with the CAMP auto locking carabiners. It took me a while to figure it out but auto lockers are the way when jugging and belaying. The shifting and vibrating of the movement loosens the twist gates where an auto locking carbiner will stay locked no matter what.  Guide XL2 Lock

CAMP Adjustable Aider

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