Ohio Training

Ohh, it is a bit more challenging. I have a universal machine and treadmill and elliptical at my parents and awesome trails to run from the house. BUT I do not have a nearby gym. The closest is the Cleveland Rock Gym which is only about 20 minutes from the house but I have to train after my kids get to bed and by then I am so tired from playing with them during the day.


My typical day starts with a run or a bike ride with the kids (normally a run and then the bike ride). Then swimming in the pool for an hour or two. Then more playing after lunch and some hiking adventure near the house. Then more pool time and dinner with the family. By the time its book and bedtime I am ready to call it. That is when I have to get focused and look toward the payoff of fitness and get myself to the gym to train.

I am looking to just keep my calluses and power endurance so I will do a fingerboard session on hopefully a wooded finger board (I hate plastic ones) followed by a timed bouldering session. I usually complete 4 to 5 minute rounds with a 2 minute rest with an objective of a certain number of a problems at a particular difficulty or a progression in a certain amount of time. After 4-5 rounds of that, I work on my core with my 5 minute abs with additional weight.

Bottom line. If you want to keep it, or maintain it, or progress at it, you got to get after it no matter how tired you are feeling at the time.

IMG_0605What am I preparing for? Another adventure where the dry weather is with Mike B!

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