The Passenger on Washington Pass

This route has one 11+ move at a bolt with the rest of the climbing being pretty good. LOTS of awkward movements take away from the route, especially the belays which are not fun to be at (with one or two exceptions). The descent is a breeze, just some walking down hill with your approach shoes on and two short rappels to the base.

We did two routes on this feature and each time approached from a different start point The first time we came up from the switchback (straight up the hill 1hour 15minutes. The second time we came from the Blue Lake trail which is a nicer trail but it takes longer at 1hour 45 minutes. (the latter we did without packs and it still takes that long!)

It was hard for me to find a groove on this route. It constantly threw super weird moves (which I normally enjoy) in the midst of really fun climbing. The bolted traverse pitch was a trip and really fun to figure out on lead and the other pitches were a little less memorable. Overall it was fun but not on the repeat list. I was bummed about that since it is heralded as one of the best in the Cascades.

DSC00439DSC00442DSC00444This last one is from the top of the route. Fantastic view in every direction!

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