School is in session and so is my Training!

The last two weeks have been filled with academic thoughts. The 2017/18 school year has begun for me and it has been the busiest ever. We are making big changes for the learners in our building and the initial stages of the transition are teacher time heavy.


For the first time in years, I have been bringing work home and that has been a big change for me. I also have been cranking with my training. Over the last two weeks (with a September fitness peak being my goal) I have been following this training program.

  • Rest on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Circuit Train, Systems board/campus training and routes on Tuesday
  • Circuit Train, Systems board/campus training and Treadwalling on Thursday
  • Climb outside on Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather

My body has been handling the return to training seriously pretty well. I do have soreness in my elbows and knees. In return, my endurance has returned, my lead confidence and my willing to go for it in multiple situations.

I will be going this hard for 3 more weeks and then kick it back to a lower intensity. In order to send my project, the Infinity Round I will need additional power, more endurance and the ability to recover quickly. These things can be developed, recruited and improved in the next month of training. I am excited to go through this process and share it with you.

Today I got on my the Infinity Round and used the attempt to relearn the subtleties of the crux moves and the rest of the pumpy climbing on the route. Many sections on the climb feel impossible if I try the movements the wrong way, but after a little bit of hanging and retrying I was able to relearn what is necessary to send. Today was a good day!

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