Eclipse Training

The title stands for the every once in a while training session that you might try. These sessions normally occur for a a few reasons:

  1. you get motivated
  2. your partner or friends get motivated
  3. you are bored with the problems/routes at the gym
  4. you lack time for an entire session at the gym
  5. you are without a partner at the gym

Because these sessions don’t regularly occur for you, they are often unorganized, spur of the moment and unmeasurable. One thing to remember about training is that it is not unorganized and it is very measurable. If your training or training program lacks those two things then you are just messing around.

A few things to remember if you are trying to add training to your routine.

  1. Identify your weaknesses through testing of some kind. That means measure how you you can perform certain tasks and record your results. Then aim to improve what areas need the most attention.
  2. Keep your training specific. Trying to train everything at once is futile and a waste of time. Pick one or two areas that need the further development. Persist with them for 4-8 weeks and you will see gains.
  3. Rest. If you don’t build rest into your training you will most certainly over train which will lead to any number of things like weakness, injury and lack of motivation.
  4. Find the fun in training. We all know that finger boarding is probably the most boring thing to do, but when your friends are there struggling with you, or when you are all making each other laugh then it becomes tolerable.
  5. Listen to your body. Man people that show me something that they have written and plan to do I see that they have over worked areas and not built in enough rest. If there is an experienced coach in your gym (ask them to look over what you intend to do) or if you want to email me, I can make suggestions.

In the end, don’t make your training be like Eclipse Training because it only lasts for a few moments and you will forget about it soon enough.


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