Back Upside Down

Even though I have been buried by work and coaching baseball this fall, I did sneak out for a Saturday climbing session with my buddy Matt and the Wideboyz (Tom and Pete) from the UK. It had been a while since I had climbed roof cracks and when they showed me their new stash of cutting edge lines I was impressed. They had really stepped up what they knew was possible by finding longer and more intimidating lines across the ceiling. I took my licks on one of their “easier” 5.13 routes and was quickly reminded how nice it is to have the gear preplaced. I burned a lot of energy placing in the new terrain for me. It was challenging because most of the time the gear only fits in one place and due to the fact that you will deck if a piece blows you don’t just run it out unless the floor drops away. So I went a placement or two and then rested and progressed out nearly 100 feet until I decided to head back and back clean to where I started. Sometimes the easiest way to clean one of these routes is to second it and other times it is easier to back clean. Either way I was happy when I got all the gear out of the roof. After that Matt and I headed out to climb Washer Woman during the sunset. It was awesome running up to the base of the tower and climbing swiftly up the varied and straight forward terrain.

DSC00558The boys getting ready to work a new line with the photographer already hanging overhead to capture the goods on film.DSC00556Pete and Tom in the middle of no where.

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