I try not to address too much of the pop culture within climbing in this blog, it’s not my focus. I try to just share what I have been up to for those who care to peek into my (what I consider normal and boring) life. I teach high school, play with my kids, go camping and climb and train. The past few years have been probably no more deadly than any other (when it comes to climbers passing) but the difference has been that I have known or been friends with many of them. The latest death of Hayden Kennedy and his girl friend Inge adds to the growing and never ending list. I am saddened to hear about Inge being buried in an avalanche and even sadder to hear that Hayden took his own life.

I reflect on their deaths as my children get older and I consider what I like to do in the mountains and on the side of them. Am I putting myself at more risk than the next person? Are my actions or is my passion too selfish? I don’t have the answers to these questions and all the associated ones that come along with them. I hesitate as I head out this coming weekend to go and try to complete another new rock climb hours from home. I second guess leaving my fixed lines on the wall and having to ascend them without knowing their condition. These are things that I have done without pause hundreds of times but now I am reconsidering and second guessing.

I think now more than ever that I will second guess the value of pushing the edge, I will take more time to reassess conditions, weather and rock quality and finally strive to do what keeps me in one piece with my family. Not sure if this rambling means much but it is where I am currently at within my head space.


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