Hunting for Horses

This past weekend I took the boys out into the hills to look for wild horses. We went into Debeque Canyon where there is a ton of BLM land and the resident wild horse population. They have thousands of acres to live on, so it is no guarantee that you will see any when you go. It was around 9 am when we got out of the car and began wandering the hillsides and looking for the horses. By 930 we were eating snacks, throwing rocks and exploring cracks in the ground, the plants changing colors and anything else that was interesting.


We eventually headed further up the bumpy dirt road in my low clearance car and did a few more side hikes to things that excited the boys. We climbed a mountain side to get into an old coal seam tunnel and also explored an old drilling platform. When I decided that we shouldn’t go any further because I was concerned about my car making it home in one piece was when we finally found the horses. With the little energy that the boys had, I helped them up the steep hill to the plateau where the horses were grazing and we watched them do their thing. It is not that exciting to watch wild horses eat, but it is to watch my sons learn about them and to be persistent even though they were tired.

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