Nuts and Bolts

I find that being successful at anything involves knowing and understanding the nuts and bolts that go into completing a task. For example, my latest route required a lot in order for me and my partner to be productive in a 2 day time frame. We needed the following:

  • having the fixed lines in the proper places on the wall,
  • having all the bolts and hangers preconnected at home,
  • having a clear plan for our individual wall duties,
  • having a clear goal for each day,
  • enough food, rest, water and rest.


Next weekend when I get back on the new route, I will have to do the following things:

  • bring 2 brooms/soft brushes for sweeping out the hueco’s,
  • hammer some more loose rock on pitch 3,
  • hand drill 2 more bolts,
  • bring an additional static line,
  • move ropes to a new line after completing the first one.

Moral of the story, make a plan and stick with it!

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