Carlsbad Caverns

I took my family to the cave the other day. I hadn’t been there in 10 years and before that for 5 five years. That place is incredible! Convincing everyone that the 4+ hour drive from my in laws house was the challenge, once we got there my son, nephews and father in law were instantly blown away.

The experience begins with a short talk from a ranger and then you can either walk down (the preferred way) or ride an elevator down 750 ft to the Big Room (it is 14 football fields large with thousands of formations and beauty beyond belief and rises sometimes hundreds of feet up to what seems like an endless ceiling).

I suggest walking down the natural entrance, but if your knees are feeling tired, the steep switch backs on the paved trail down will wear them out. You will find yourself rubbernecking, stopping, taking photos, and gazing in wonder the seemingly never ending descent. The cave is not totally lit up, but you don’t need a flashlight or headlamp. The small sections of darkness assist in creating more emphasis on the more striking cave features.

After 10 hours of driving with bathroom stops and sightseeing we all were wiped out, but everyone said that it was worth it.

Sometimes there are things just just don’t seem worth the inconvenience or the time commitment, but they will satisfy beyond belief. I just had my phone with me this trip to the cave so I will let you google some shots of inside the cave if you are interested.

Now, off to the climbing gym for one more training session at Stone Age Climbing Gym before I head back home to Colorado for a little more vacation, work and following through on my 2018 climbing objectives!DSC00626

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