Time Management

When my wife and I had our first son, we had to both learn how to manage our time. It wasn’t too large of a change. She and I both were still able to choose which ever runs or climbs that we wanted to train for and attempt to accomplish.

After the second son arrived, more adjustments had to me made to our time management. I learned  a couple of things that directly effected me then and now:

  1. If a climb or route was weather dependent, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! (I will never be able to align training, the weather and the health of my kids in order to send the route!)
  2. If a climb or route was very challenging or really long, plan on it taking a long time. (I need to know fully what I am getting into when I choose something to try or to establish, by doing this I save a lot of frustration and heartache.)
  3. Having multiple goals a year is thinking TOO BIG. (I normally have about 5! I need to hone in on 2-3 things to achieve for myself and call it good and be happy with that.)
  4. That I will miss training sessions more than I want to and it will be ok. (I hate missing my workouts. Not only do they keep me at a the fitness level that I desire to remain at, but they keep my psyche high. I want to always be climbing and when I have day after day of surprises that cut into that time, I begin to get grumpy and that is not good.)
  5. That even though I have less time than in the past that not everyday can be about me and my goals.

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