Four Days into Summer Break

I have been lame at taking photos for quite some time. I am working on it. Anyway, the kids and I have been busy in the first four days of break.

Day 1: We slept in due to the fact that we stayed up past the boys 7:30pm bed time. The end of the year staff party at a coworkers home was great fun. The had a beautiful home in Grand Junction with all the entertaining amenities. In ground pool, big backyard, huge trees for shade, multiple corn-hole games and a deck that surrounded everything. The boys immediately jumped into the pool and enjoyed 3 hours of splashing and retrieving underwater toys. After Orson drank too much pool water they took a break and ate some hamburgers and hot dogs and played corn-hole. Rowan had one of the house dogs eat his burger right out of his hands and learned a valuable lesson about dogs and picnics.

Day 2: We played cards in the morning after making homemade pancakes. Then we headed to the JUCO game at 10am. JUCO stands for the Junior College World Series. I was told its all the kids who couldn’t perform academically in a D1 school that have the talent to go pro. Who knows. The game we watched was 9-0 and pretty good until the meltdown occurred and the loosing teams pitcher beaned one of the batters. After that they called the game because they earned 9 unanswered runs. Rowan is super competitive and loved watching the game and keeping track of balls and strikes. Orson sat in my lap and enjoyed all the stimulation from the fans and the game. Then it was back home for a Treadwall session and then a mini construction session. I built a swing shower. I used a long piece of 2 inch PVC pipe and drilled a bunch of holes on one side in a row about 2 inches from each other. Then I attached it to the bar over my swing set with a hose in it. I turned on the hose and let the water create a shower over the two swings and then a waterfall off the end of the pipe. The boys were engaged for the rest of the day. It was awesome. I watched and wrote lesson plans for next school year.

Day 3: We were supposed to meet Mike B at Rifle to play and climb but he re injured his foot and we were able to change plans. So we finished packing for Ohio and seeing my parents and then drove east. We stopped to hike a canyon off the interstate and got eaten by gnats. Then ate lunch at the river in Newcastle and looked for disc golf Frisbee in the tall grass along the river. After that we walked over the new bridge in Glenwood Canyon and checked out a rock shop that made the boys drool. After that we hiked Grizlee creek in Glenwood Cayon until an afternoon shower came in. Finally, we crashed at Mike B’s house in Eagle where we ate dinner and made smores to one of the finest backdrops in Colorado.

Day 4: We were supposed to climb a Flatiron with Timmy Oneil but Rowan felt sick all morning and we had to abort that mission. We ended up hiking in Morrison and explored the dinosaur tracks and fossils. Then we stopped at my old place in Golden and rested until Rowan felt better. In no time we were on Clear Creek playing on the river and in the park. After lunch we bought some new shoes for Rowan since his sneakers were beat. Since Earthtreks Golden was so close we popped in for a session and hung out with the great Charlie Mace and Dan Mirsky. I belayed my boys until they couldn’t do routes anymore and then they bouldered until they were pooped. After a little WWE wrestling on the mats we made a huge chicken and rice dinner and pulled weeds in the front yard of my old roommates place.

Day 5: Going to climb in Eldo with the boys and take them on a multipitch cause it’s supposed to rain in town and we don’t have them time to do the whole Flatiron. Then it will be off to SCARPA to visit the North American headquarters and bs with the crew.

Day 6: Waterworld, need I say more. Every kid should get to go there at least once a summer. I vow to make that happen for my boys and Thursday will be that day.

Day 7: Fly to Ohio to see the family. Let the good times roll.

See you all soon.

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