4am and What Not to Do.

I am still awake and figure it’s a great time to catch up with my blog post ideas. I hopefully won’t bore you with my thoughts. Now that I have a family and ultimately am no longer heading out of town on a climbing trip (like I did in my 20’s and 30’s) I have come to the conclusion that all the places and features that I would like to climb list will have to be shortened, a lot.

I don’t want to call it a dream tick list or even a dream list because climbing all these features is totally doable but I will will call it a what doesn’t makes sense list because going to obscure places for a rock climb when you could be playing catch or camping or coaching your kids becomes a tough decision. So what are some features or where are some places that I feel that I will remove off of my list?

  • Shiprock: I have always wanted to climb this iconic mountain on the reservation but will save my energy for unclimbed walls in mountains elsewhere. It would be cool to stand there on top over the wide expanse of the desert southwest but ultimately not sure it’s worth the drive, risk and potential challenge of getting permission
  • My 5 Mountain linkup in the Alps.: I have tried to do this link up for over 10 years and it seems like a dumber idea each and every time. The weather is what determines success in the mountains and I am always trying during summer when the weather is more unstable (wet) than the late summer or fall. So year after year I fail. After this years fail, I was so bummed that I decided to give up on not only all of the challenge but even for climbing the individual walls. I will live with looking at other peoples photos on the internet at this point and be happy with that.
  • Climbing in Alaska: I have wanted to do this for years, but no one that I have wanted to climb with was ever able to go or wanted to go when I could. It will have to be passed on for me and I will keep the goal of going to Alaska to hike/sight see and be immersed in the wild rather than climb something, anything cool.
  • Pakistan for Real Big walls: Years ago we had a trip planned. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. Experiencing the culture, seeing and climbing on the biggest mountains of the world and feeling completely and totally off the grid will unfortunately never happen. The time to go never coincides with my teaching schedule and the time away to have a meaningful trip is unattainable with my family and career unless I take a semester off (which isn’t likely)
  • Patagonia: This place has truly been on the list of places to go for me but again, the climbing season is during the school year and I am unable to take that time off. Also the weather is normally extremely bad and that is not too enticing.
  • I am sure there are a few others and I will add them later, but for now I am finally tired and going to try to sleep for an hour before the kids get up.

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