Falling in Fall

I am in shape, healthy (except for a 2 week staph infection) and psyched.

The weather has been cooling and the temperatures have been great. Even though all things are looking good for sending, I am still falling. It is certainly not the end of the world, it just means that I am not ready to send just yet.

My hard project, Ramsis is a 190 foot mixed bolts and gear line in Unaweep Canyon. It is a wonderful challenge that has forced me to work on my finger strength (crimps) there are a ton. It has also had me work on my control of body position and timing (as some moves are possible when you lean/shift properly and some are not). Finally, the route has had me work on my sloper lieback moves (these are my least favorite moves which is why I am working them).

I can one hang it at will at this point (I have been on the route around 7 or 8 times) and am surprised with my progress. Maybe one more cold day and I can complete it before the conditions change too much. If not I will tackle the challenge again in the spring. Climbing is for the long term and if it doesn’t happen today, it will tomorrow. I can count on that. So be patient for whatever you are working towards, stay focused and be specific and direct on how you train and it will all come together.

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