American Alpine Club Craggin Classics

This year I had the pleasure to teach climbing at the Shelf Road Event and the Moab event. I taught Climbing Technique for Arcteryx to an entire group of climbers with holes in the front of their climbing shoes. So we obviously worked on footwork all day, while we went over lots of other helpful energy saving skills. I really enjoyed the climbing and the people.

The Moab event allowed me to teach Huge Days with a Light Rack for CAMP. We had a super motivated crew practicing crack skills, learning how to be more efficient and racing to get safe anchors built that meet the requirement of being Safe, Redundant, Simple and Equalized. I think the big take away from the day was that you can do everything that you need with a minimal amount of equipment and still be safe and fast.

What I like most about teaching these clinics is that there are always new climbers at the events that we get to share our knowledge and excitement with. It is a great way to try new gear from some of your favorite companies (shoes and helmets and carabiners) and talk to the folks who know the equipment best (the sales reps and athletes).

I strongly encourage you to come to one of the events. You will climb, laugh and meet new friends, partners and even get inspired to visit new places and have new adventures!

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