Week 1 #Moveoutside365 Report

January 2019 
1     2.2 miles gym run 12 degrees snow on ground 5am
2     1.8 miles house -4 degrees clear moon planets 6am, need my reflector jacket, first mile blows then it gets fun
3     1.2 miles from climbing gym 7 degrees Patterson rush hour exhaust breathing felt good after a half mile
4     2.25 miles house to school 630pm felt good after skiing all day 25 degrees
5     8 miles Dominguez Escalante new route 10 degrees  great day exploring, lee fell on snowy slab
6    2.25 miles 5pm light snow 32 degrees
7    2.0 miles 1200pm to Lincoln park from school 36 degrees a little inside right knee pain
Week 1 Total: 19.7 miles!
I take short notes after each run and you are getting the unedited version. I won’t always feel good or go too fast but I will tell you how it went. It’s not too late to begin, if you need to only do 2 days a week or only 3 or whatever, just make sure that you follow through!
Behavior of the Week
“Follow Through”
If you don’t know what this means is to do what you say. It is just that simple. If you say that you will call someone in an hour, do it. If you say you are going to eat healthy, do it. No excuses. It is not always easy or even fun but stick to your word.. Your peers, friends and family will see the change in you as they come to understand that you are a follow through person.
Again tell everyone that you are doing this #moveoutside365 so that they help hold you accountable. I am using a Suunto Ambit2 to keep track of my runs/hikes. I am running in SCARPA Spin trail shoes. You can use an APP on your phone. I also take notes after each run: The distance, the time, temperature, location and how I felt. IT will help me see the progression!
What did I learn after week 1:
That I ran 19 miles my first week and that running in the freezing temperatures isn’t that bad : )
Skiing with my boys at Sunlight Mountain Resort
0104191320a0105191207_burst02Going to climb this little guy soon! Psyched.

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