Moveoutside365 Week 2 Update

The second week has been fun and I even gained a partner for my lunch runs.

January 2019

8 2.0 miles with Mitch lunch through park 40 degrees, felt good
9 2.0 miles with Mitch lunch 32 degrees felt tired been up all night as my youngest gets potty trained. No sleep in killing me.
10 2.0 miles with Mitch at lunch 30 degrees. Increased out speed by almost 1 min 15min total. Running through golf course.
11 2.0 miles lunch Mitch 30 degrees faster time when running on sidewalk as opposed to the snowy golf course and having to hop the fences.
12 4.43 miles bangs canyon adventure morning hike 30 degrees
13 1.4 miles around neighborhood 6am in fog, 14 degrees going skiing then climbing training in evening
14 4 miles to and from big o tires, 6am 17 degrees, flat tire on the car, had to run to school and back
Week 2 Total: 17.83 miles
Year Total: 37.53 miles
Behavior of the week
“Company” Running alone is great and many people use some kind of noise to fill the miles, it might be music, podcasts or talk radio. I choose to run without any of the noises that aren’t naturally occuring. I love to hear my feet crunch on the ground, the wind blow, the cars honk, the leaves rustle and my breath pounding. The thought of going outside and listening to inside things seems to defeat the purpose of going outside.
If the company of yourself and nature doesn’t sound great or satisfying, then find a partner. Mitch (another teacher at my school) has willinging joined up on my lunch runs and even increased my pace. It has been great to push each other during my 20 minute break from my job at lunch. We come back sweaty and head to out next classes ready to rock and roll feeling great and like we actually got to do something outside.
Don’t stop now, you can do it. If you are just beginning your #moveoutside365, thanks and keep on going. It’s just one day at a time.
The boys and I before the snows came.
piz : )

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