#Moveoutside365 Week 3 Update

January Week 3

15   2 miles with Mitch, fast pace 30 degrees

16  2 miles with Mitch snowing but warm, all road run today, 35 degrees

17  2 miles at lunch, t-shirt weather 38 degrees Mitch keeps pushing our pace, I keep breathing hard to keep up. We had our third teacher join us today, becca. I am shooting for 6 teachers running at lunch by the end of the school year!

18  2 miles lunch 40 degrees cold wind 7.30 pace. Feeling out of breath Mitch pushes the pace cause it’s his comfort zone. It will take time for me to be comfortable there. I do it but I get worked.

19  2 miles, 1 mile of approaches to crags. 1 mile run in city. 9 degrees in morning 45 degrees in afternoon.

20  1.14 miles around block at house 35 degrees skied all day, set routes at the gym the night before. Feeling slow and tired.

21  2 miles running 35 degrees at lunch with Mitch

Week Total: 13.14 miles

Year Total:  50.67 miles!

Behavior of the Week

“Think 1 Stride at a Time” Sometimes when I am not running but still have to go running for the day, I begin to dread the run. Then after the run, I am psyched that I went and it actually went well. My point is that even though you might feel tired or unmotivated, that once you get going you will enjoy the run, being outside and the work that you accomplished. Each individual step will move you outside and move you forward. Do not hesitate to keep moving one stride at a time.

0408171649This is an older photo of my boys riding bikes, but we were riding this weekend! January bike riding in the cold, it was great!

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