#Moveoutside365 Week 4 Update

Week 4

22 2 miles, lunch run with Mitch.  30 and cold felt ok.
23 2 miles lunch run with Mitch, stayed in road today, fast. Cold 25 degrees.
24 2 miles 30 degrees ran opposite way on loop and ran 7:15 miles. Mitch is dragging me along to faster and faster times. Felt good though. Bad nights rest, been up since just after midnight due to my youngest wetting the bed and not being able to fall back asleep. Tired morning of training also.
25 1 mile at 630am 20 degrees, from oil change shop and the other 1 mile at lunch. Felt good.was a tad bit slower but enjoyed not being out of breath..
26 2.2 miles after skiing 30 degrees felt good
27 2 mile unaweep hike to mother’s buttress and run in neighborhood 35 degrees
28 7 mile 35 degree Dominguez Escalante hike with class
Week 4 Total 19.2 miles
Total: 69.87 miles!
Word of the Week
With a year long process the change will come with time and after persistence. Initially there will be a lot of change and then it will level off and then it will come again. You may not be able to see it, but you will feel it in all that you do. I am enjoying the process so far and in about two weeks will hit my first hundred miles of consistent running. I can see already how my times are dropping and how different it feels to start each run. What a fun challenge to pursue!! Keep at it!
1006181442.jpgKeep smiling though the tough and low motivation times.

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