#Moveoutside365 Week 5 Update

I am still on track for getting out everyday and I feel wonderful because of it!
29 2 miles with Mitch lunch 30 degrees first cramp
30 1 mile walk fast at lunch with Mitch(he has a cold coming too) feel a cold coming on. 33 degrees
31 1 mile walk fast still fighting a cold lunch
Feb 1 2 miles at lunch, ran fast, felt good, mostly over my cold. Ran alone, 40 degrees and sunny. Only slept till 130am last night, sleepy
Feb 2 2.25 miles after skiing around house 45 degrees.
Feb 3 Moab 4 miles bushwack 45 500ft vertical found some new climbs to do
Feb 4 2 miles at lunch no Mitch he is sick. 45 degrees baller outside, totally wish I was climbing
Week 5 Total :14.25
Total Miles:     84.12
Word of the Week “Surprise”
Don’t be surprised when your week plans change and it is all of a sudden a real challenge to get your runs in or your moving outside! You will just have to go with the changes and adapt. This week my partner got sick, the weather crapped out, but I still got outside and it was great fun. I found two new routes to establish way off the beaten path and I look forward to taking on the new challenges!
piz hike

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