#Moveoutside365 Week 6 Update

Things got tough this last week. I felt sick and had to travel and even limit the daily miles.
But I am still on target.
Feb 5 2 miles at lunch felt good, windy warm 45 degrees
Feb 6 1 mile snowing windy alone felt ill at school.
Feb 7 4 miles hike in book cliffs with high school kids.
Feb 8 1 mile 10pm Durango cold! Drive after parent teacher conferences
Feb 9 1mile 10pm Durango ski purgatory
Feb 10 1 mile neighborhood 9pm ski purgatory
Feb 11 2 mile at school
Week 6 Total 12 Miles

Total Miles: 96.12

Word of the Week: “Roll with It”

I had bigger plans of increasing speeds and distances by later this month but a lingering cold and traveling caught me and slowed me down. Sometimes I just get to walk at mile at lunch and other times at 10pm in the freezing cold when I want to go to sleep. Just keep getting outside and it will be ok!

Stay with it! Family ski day and Purgatory


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