#Moveoutside365 Week 7 Update

Things are going well. I survived a cold and feeling under the weather and am still running!

Feb 11 2 mile at school feeling sick head ache sunny 45 degrees
Feb 12 1 mile walk exhausted 30 degrees
Feb 13 1 mile jog, sore throat 32 degrees
Feb 14 2 mile felt good. 42 degrees cloudy with Mitch
Feb15 2.2 hike river road, establish new line on pseudo tower with Brent. 45 degrees
Feb 16 2.2 miles bolting new arete with Brent cold carrying lots of hardware
Feb 17 2.2 miles to new route 35 degrees
Week Total: 12.6 miles
Year Total: 108.72
Sticking with it even when it’s hard. That is what this is all about! I got to put on a bunch of this weeks miles while new routing which was fun! I also established an awesome arete in the desert! Stay tuned for images. Find the climber on the arete!!

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