#Moveoutside365 Week 8 Update

Some days I just feel like Sh*t! Today is one of those days where I felt bad training and everything feels off, but I keep going. I am not running to improve my climbing but to improve my overall fitness and to show others that you can get outside and use your tech less.

Week 8
Feb 19 2 miles at lunch, 34 degrees with Mitch cold!
Feb 20 2 miles at lunch cold 25 degrees
Feb 21 2 miles at lunch 35 degrees felt warm!
Feb 22 2 miles snowing 32 degrees not too bad. Snow getting in my eyes
Feb 23 1 mile skiing day powder day
Feb 24 2.2 mile hike to Moab climb
Feb 25 2 miles at lunch, 40 degrees feeling nice
Week 8 Total: 13.2 miles
Year Total:      121.92
Word of the Week “Age”
As I get older, I am feeling that my recovery time has to increase. This is just how it works with our bodies, we need more time to recover. My running times are dropping a little each week, but my climbing is feeling unsteady. I am not sure if it is from fighting a cold, going through a power training session or just from me being busy. Either way it is all a journey and I am learning more at this stage of my life than I have as a younger athlete. Psyched for more miles and my summer ultra challenge.

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