#Moveoutside365 Week 11 Review

Spring Break starts at the end of this week! I am so happy. I will do some more hikes rather than runs due to all the climbing that I will get to do.
March 13 2 miles with Mitch 39 windy rain
March 14 2 miles on pi day Mitch started late but caught me. 40 degrees sunny for a change.
March 15 2 mile run at school with Mitch
March 16 2 mile hike Moab 50 degrees
March 17 3 mile hike Moab 50 degrees
March 18 2 mile hike Moab 55 degrees
March 19 2 mile hike Unaweep 45 degrees
Week 10 total  15        miles
Year total         164.92 miles  Wow!!
I am feeling fit for hills and tough terrain having done all this running. Stay with it and I will get back with you next week. Word of the week, change it up a little and you will regain any lost motivation.


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