#Moveoutside 365 Week 12

March 20 2 mile run at home 50 degrees
March 21 2 mile run warm at home
March 22 3 mile ride cold with Orson
March 23 4 mile ride sunny with Orson
March 24 2 mile run rainy
March 25 2 mile run 50 degrees with Mitch 7:20 mile
March 26 2 mile 60 degrees lunch with Mitch. Too hot
week total 17 miles
Total           181.92 miles
It finally got hot and it is tough to run in the heat. I will be needing to run early in the morning when I can now that the temperature has increased!
I can not believe that I have been going for 3 months straight! WOW. I hope you who have been doing this at home are proud of yourself. You should be.
I am looking forward to my summer challenge of a non stop 50 mile mountain and peak challenge. Have those goals and keep charging!

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