#Moveoutside365 Week 13

March 27 2 mile 70 degrees lunch with Mitch. Way too hot going to move the runs to before school.
March 28 4 miles outdoor club hike with Mitch
March 29 2 miles with Mitch
March 30 7 mile ride with kids 2 mile alone
March 31 2 mile in Unaweep
April 1 2 miles at school with Mitch
April 2 2 miles at school with Mitch
Week Total:  21 miles
Year Total:    202.92 miles
We are into April and I am feeling low from not getting enough protein in my diet. I know because I am tracking my meals on myfitnesspal.com.
I highly recommend you beginning to record everything you eat and see how you are doing with the website. Within three weeks of documenting your eating you will see the trends that you can then decide how to correct of verify that you are doing well with respect to eating. I knew that I was low due to how I felt after this past month of training. I should feel a bit stronger, but I don’t due to not recovering as I should.
Rest is important but equally important is eating right! See you on the trail.

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