Week 14 #Moveoutside365

Week 14 Results Still Going Strong!
April 3 2 miles at school
April 4 2 miles at school
April 5 2 miles at school
April 6 8 mile bike ride with kids
April 7 2 mile Moab hike
April 8 2 mile at school
April 9 2 mile at school
Week 14   Total 20 miles
Year          Total 222.92 miles
I have felt tired legs this last week. The weather switched to being pretty warm. Maybe that is why. I am looking forward to the summer when I get to try my mountain link up.
I sent my latest roof crack and am coaching baseball. So much to do. I have to get photos shot of my latest new climbs so look forward to that.
Summer is getting shored up and I look forward to camping with my kids, establishing climbs, seeing my family in Ohio and all the other great summer things like fishing, swimming and climbing.
Keep running and stay motivated!

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