Week 15 #Moveoutside365

My legs have been tired and the heat is turned up in Grand Junction. I need to wear shorts!
April 11 2 miles alone
April 12 bike ride 5 miles
April 13 Unaweep hike 2 miles
April 14 2 miles Moab photo shoot
April 15 2 miles with Mitch
April 16 2 miles with mitch
April 17 2 miles with mitch was up at 2am
Week Total 17 miles
Year Total 239 miles
I am feeling good as I move over terrain and my legs are not an issue on climb and hike days. I am hoping that the snow conditions allow me to attempt my mountain run/hike/climb this summer.
On a side note, it is a sad day finding out that 3 wonderful people/climbers/alpinists passed yesterday in the mountains. We need to remember that when we play in the hills that no matter how experienced we think we are that the conditions are always more challenging to determine that what appears on the surface. That doesn’t mean don’t play, it just means that no matter how acceptable the risks are in front of us, there are still risks. Sending my best to the families of those affected.

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