#Moveoutside365 Week 18

May 2 4 miles hike with school getting better
May 3 2 miles at school
May 4 baseball 3 games! 2 miles run at fields
May 5 2 miles running at home
May 6 2 miles boating and running
May 7 2 miles at lunch 70 degrees
May 8 2 miles at lunch 75 degrees
Week Total 16 miles
Year Total   293 miles
I have been eating right and taking care of my running and stretching. I got a new pair of climbing shoes with a slightly different shape. That change in shape has made my right foot a little sore and I have been monitoring it daily. I finally realized that it was not my running shoe doing it.
I am itching to try the big mountain run/climb/hike that I have planned this summer. I am intimidated and nervous about it. It will have 30,000ft of vertical gain and close to 50 miles of terrain most of it being off trail.
Woot Woot, stay motivated and keep after it.
piz : )

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