#Moveoutside365 Week 17

April 25 2 miles at school
April 26 2 miles at school
April 27 2 mile at highline lake
April 28 2 mile unaweep
April 29 2 mile from trailer hitch place
April 30 2 mile from school
May 1 2 miles at school
Week Total 14 miles
Year Total   277 miles
Feeling run down and sick this week. I am fighting a chest cold. Last week Orson got sick and then I was coaching too many baseball games at night. Then on the weekend we went outside on the water and then rock climbing. It all just added up to get me a little bit ill. That just means a shorter walk during the day. I can keep this going and you can too!

#Moveoutside365 Week 16

April 18 2 miles with Mitch up at 345 am need sleep
April 19 2 miles with Gifford up at midnight
April 20 7 miles paddling 5 miles hiking Moab
April 21 7 miles bike ride Moab 1 mile hike to boulders
April 22 2 miles Unaweep climbing mini track 800 ft early morning
April 23 2 miles at school shorts weather!
April 24 2 miles at school
Week Total 24 miles
Year Total   263 miles
Changed it up and got my miles on the river and biking too.
Still psyched. Hope you are still moving outside!!!

Week 15 #Moveoutside365

My legs have been tired and the heat is turned up in Grand Junction. I need to wear shorts!
April 11 2 miles alone
April 12 bike ride 5 miles
April 13 Unaweep hike 2 miles
April 14 2 miles Moab photo shoot
April 15 2 miles with Mitch
April 16 2 miles with mitch
April 17 2 miles with mitch was up at 2am
Week Total 17 miles
Year Total 239 miles
I am feeling good as I move over terrain and my legs are not an issue on climb and hike days. I am hoping that the snow conditions allow me to attempt my mountain run/hike/climb this summer.
On a side note, it is a sad day finding out that 3 wonderful people/climbers/alpinists passed yesterday in the mountains. We need to remember that when we play in the hills that no matter how experienced we think we are that the conditions are always more challenging to determine that what appears on the surface. That doesn’t mean don’t play, it just means that no matter how acceptable the risks are in front of us, there are still risks. Sending my best to the families of those affected.

Week 14 #Moveoutside365

Week 14 Results Still Going Strong!
April 3 2 miles at school
April 4 2 miles at school
April 5 2 miles at school
April 6 8 mile bike ride with kids
April 7 2 mile Moab hike
April 8 2 mile at school
April 9 2 mile at school
Week 14   Total 20 miles
Year          Total 222.92 miles
I have felt tired legs this last week. The weather switched to being pretty warm. Maybe that is why. I am looking forward to the summer when I get to try my mountain link up.
I sent my latest roof crack and am coaching baseball. So much to do. I have to get photos shot of my latest new climbs so look forward to that.
Summer is getting shored up and I look forward to camping with my kids, establishing climbs, seeing my family in Ohio and all the other great summer things like fishing, swimming and climbing.
Keep running and stay motivated!

#Moveoutside365 Week 13

March 27 2 mile 70 degrees lunch with Mitch. Way too hot going to move the runs to before school.
March 28 4 miles outdoor club hike with Mitch
March 29 2 miles with Mitch
March 30 7 mile ride with kids 2 mile alone
March 31 2 mile in Unaweep
April 1 2 miles at school with Mitch
April 2 2 miles at school with Mitch
Week Total:  21 miles
Year Total:    202.92 miles
We are into April and I am feeling low from not getting enough protein in my diet. I know because I am tracking my meals on myfitnesspal.com.
I highly recommend you beginning to record everything you eat and see how you are doing with the website. Within three weeks of documenting your eating you will see the trends that you can then decide how to correct of verify that you are doing well with respect to eating. I knew that I was low due to how I felt after this past month of training. I should feel a bit stronger, but I don’t due to not recovering as I should.
Rest is important but equally important is eating right! See you on the trail.

#Moveoutside 365 Week 12

March 20 2 mile run at home 50 degrees
March 21 2 mile run warm at home
March 22 3 mile ride cold with Orson
March 23 4 mile ride sunny with Orson
March 24 2 mile run rainy
March 25 2 mile run 50 degrees with Mitch 7:20 mile
March 26 2 mile 60 degrees lunch with Mitch. Too hot
week total 17 miles
Total           181.92 miles
It finally got hot and it is tough to run in the heat. I will be needing to run early in the morning when I can now that the temperature has increased!
I can not believe that I have been going for 3 months straight! WOW. I hope you who have been doing this at home are proud of yourself. You should be.
I am looking forward to my summer challenge of a non stop 50 mile mountain and peak challenge. Have those goals and keep charging!

#Moveoutside365 Week 11 Review

Spring Break starts at the end of this week! I am so happy. I will do some more hikes rather than runs due to all the climbing that I will get to do.
March 13 2 miles with Mitch 39 windy rain
March 14 2 miles on pi day Mitch started late but caught me. 40 degrees sunny for a change.
March 15 2 mile run at school with Mitch
March 16 2 mile hike Moab 50 degrees
March 17 3 mile hike Moab 50 degrees
March 18 2 mile hike Moab 55 degrees
March 19 2 mile hike Unaweep 45 degrees
Week 10 total  15        miles
Year total         164.92 miles  Wow!!
I am feeling fit for hills and tough terrain having done all this running. Stay with it and I will get back with you next week. Word of the week, change it up a little and you will regain any lost motivation.


#Moveoutside365 Week 10 Review

I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. This running everyday thing and moving outside is flying by! Start today, you are missing out on the fun.

March 5 2 miles at lunch 50 and sunny awesome.
March 6 2 miles alone
March 7 2 miles rain Mitch
March 8 2 miles in rain alone
March 9 1 mile at Powderhorn
March 10 4 miles Moab
March 11 2 miles run rain lunch 45 with Mitch
Week 10 total 15 miles
Year total         149.92 miles  Wow!! This is cool!!
Word of the Week.
It’s never too Late to Start!
It’s been wet and running in the rain lately, but that is OK. Being outside is satisfying no matter what the weather. You appreciate all the things that you see, be it rain or shine and the clothes on your back and the people that you talk with. When you tell others what you are doing, they then reflect on their day to day and begin to say, Hey, I can do something like this too.
So get out and begin no matter how many days of the year are left,

#Moveoutside365 Week 9 Review

The rain has been falling but the running is still great!
Feb 26 2 miles at lunch 50 degrees, first time My hands haven’t gone numb on the run! No Mitch today
Feb 27 2 miles 45 with Mitch felt slow but it was sub 7:30 pace
Feb 28 1 mile, at home with a sick son. 45 degrees
March 1 1 mile at home after work. All day conference rain
March 2 1 mile after skiing
March 3 4 miles rough canyon with Rowan
March 4 2 miles at 8pm after long day
Week 9          13   Mile total
Total miles   134.92
I am feeling pretty good after the low week.
Word of the Week. “Change”
I have changed my climbing training program from power work to endurance. That change has made me feel really weak with completing routes. My running is unaffected. It is interesting to see how little running impacts other training and fitness. What it does improve is cardiovascular health and that is important for healthy living.
Stay outside and stay healthy and put down your tech!
180 ft arete on my newest route in the desert.