#Moveoutside365 Week 6 Update

Things got tough this last week. I felt sick and had to travel and even limit the daily miles.
But I am still on target.
Feb 5 2 miles at lunch felt good, windy warm 45 degrees
Feb 6 1 mile snowing windy alone felt ill at school.
Feb 7 4 miles hike in book cliffs with high school kids.
Feb 8 1 mile 10pm Durango cold! Drive after parent teacher conferences
Feb 9 1mile 10pm Durango ski purgatory
Feb 10 1 mile neighborhood 9pm ski purgatory
Feb 11 2 mile at school
Week 6 Total 12 Miles

Total Miles: 96.12

Word of the Week: “Roll with It”

I had bigger plans of increasing speeds and distances by later this month but a lingering cold and traveling caught me and slowed me down. Sometimes I just get to walk at mile at lunch and other times at 10pm in the freezing cold when I want to go to sleep. Just keep getting outside and it will be ok!

Stay with it! Family ski day and Purgatory


#Moveoutside365 Week 5 Update

I am still on track for getting out everyday and I feel wonderful because of it!
29 2 miles with Mitch lunch 30 degrees first cramp
30 1 mile walk fast at lunch with Mitch(he has a cold coming too) feel a cold coming on. 33 degrees
31 1 mile walk fast still fighting a cold lunch
Feb 1 2 miles at lunch, ran fast, felt good, mostly over my cold. Ran alone, 40 degrees and sunny. Only slept till 130am last night, sleepy
Feb 2 2.25 miles after skiing around house 45 degrees.
Feb 3 Moab 4 miles bushwack 45 500ft vertical found some new climbs to do
Feb 4 2 miles at lunch no Mitch he is sick. 45 degrees baller outside, totally wish I was climbing
Week 5 Total :14.25
Total Miles:     84.12
Word of the Week “Surprise”
Don’t be surprised when your week plans change and it is all of a sudden a real challenge to get your runs in or your moving outside! You will just have to go with the changes and adapt. This week my partner got sick, the weather crapped out, but I still got outside and it was great fun. I found two new routes to establish way off the beaten path and I look forward to taking on the new challenges!
piz hike

Pizem Slide Show Feb 9, Durango, CO

Come and hear my presentation about returning from my broken back!

In the summer of 2006 Mike Anderson and I attempted to get the first free ascent of a Royal Robbins aid line on Half Dome in Yosemite National Park called Arcturus. At the end of that trip, I left with a broken back. Come and find the rest and how I responded!

Backcountry Experience in Durango, CO

Saturday night!

Hope to see you there!!!

#Moveoutside365 Week 4 Update

Week 4

22 2 miles, lunch run with Mitch.  30 and cold felt ok.
23 2 miles lunch run with Mitch, stayed in road today, fast. Cold 25 degrees.
24 2 miles 30 degrees ran opposite way on loop and ran 7:15 miles. Mitch is dragging me along to faster and faster times. Felt good though. Bad nights rest, been up since just after midnight due to my youngest wetting the bed and not being able to fall back asleep. Tired morning of training also.
25 1 mile at 630am 20 degrees, from oil change shop and the other 1 mile at lunch. Felt good.was a tad bit slower but enjoyed not being out of breath..
26 2.2 miles after skiing 30 degrees felt good
27 2 mile unaweep hike to mother’s buttress and run in neighborhood 35 degrees
28 7 mile 35 degree Dominguez Escalante hike with class
Week 4 Total 19.2 miles
Total: 69.87 miles!
Word of the Week
With a year long process the change will come with time and after persistence. Initially there will be a lot of change and then it will level off and then it will come again. You may not be able to see it, but you will feel it in all that you do. I am enjoying the process so far and in about two weeks will hit my first hundred miles of consistent running. I can see already how my times are dropping and how different it feels to start each run. What a fun challenge to pursue!! Keep at it!
1006181442.jpgKeep smiling though the tough and low motivation times.

#Moveoutside365 Week 3 Update

January Week 3

15   2 miles with Mitch, fast pace 30 degrees

16  2 miles with Mitch snowing but warm, all road run today, 35 degrees

17  2 miles at lunch, t-shirt weather 38 degrees Mitch keeps pushing our pace, I keep breathing hard to keep up. We had our third teacher join us today, becca. I am shooting for 6 teachers running at lunch by the end of the school year!

18  2 miles lunch 40 degrees cold wind 7.30 pace. Feeling out of breath Mitch pushes the pace cause it’s his comfort zone. It will take time for me to be comfortable there. I do it but I get worked.

19  2 miles, 1 mile of approaches to crags. 1 mile run in city. 9 degrees in morning 45 degrees in afternoon.

20  1.14 miles around block at house 35 degrees skied all day, set routes at the gym the night before. Feeling slow and tired.

21  2 miles running 35 degrees at lunch with Mitch

Week Total: 13.14 miles

Year Total:  50.67 miles!

Behavior of the Week

“Think 1 Stride at a Time” Sometimes when I am not running but still have to go running for the day, I begin to dread the run. Then after the run, I am psyched that I went and it actually went well. My point is that even though you might feel tired or unmotivated, that once you get going you will enjoy the run, being outside and the work that you accomplished. Each individual step will move you outside and move you forward. Do not hesitate to keep moving one stride at a time.

0408171649This is an older photo of my boys riding bikes, but we were riding this weekend! January bike riding in the cold, it was great!

Moveoutside365 Week 2 Update

The second week has been fun and I even gained a partner for my lunch runs.

January 2019

8 2.0 miles with Mitch lunch through park 40 degrees, felt good
9 2.0 miles with Mitch lunch 32 degrees felt tired been up all night as my youngest gets potty trained. No sleep in killing me.
10 2.0 miles with Mitch at lunch 30 degrees. Increased out speed by almost 1 min 15min total. Running through golf course.
11 2.0 miles lunch Mitch 30 degrees faster time when running on sidewalk as opposed to the snowy golf course and having to hop the fences.
12 4.43 miles bangs canyon adventure morning hike 30 degrees
13 1.4 miles around neighborhood 6am in fog, 14 degrees going skiing then climbing training in evening
14 4 miles to and from big o tires, 6am 17 degrees, flat tire on the car, had to run to school and back
Week 2 Total: 17.83 miles
Year Total: 37.53 miles
Behavior of the week
“Company” Running alone is great and many people use some kind of noise to fill the miles, it might be music, podcasts or talk radio. I choose to run without any of the noises that aren’t naturally occuring. I love to hear my feet crunch on the ground, the wind blow, the cars honk, the leaves rustle and my breath pounding. The thought of going outside and listening to inside things seems to defeat the purpose of going outside.
If the company of yourself and nature doesn’t sound great or satisfying, then find a partner. Mitch (another teacher at my school) has willinging joined up on my lunch runs and even increased my pace. It has been great to push each other during my 20 minute break from my job at lunch. We come back sweaty and head to out next classes ready to rock and roll feeling great and like we actually got to do something outside.
Don’t stop now, you can do it. If you are just beginning your #moveoutside365, thanks and keep on going. It’s just one day at a time.
The boys and I before the snows came.
piz : )

Week 1 #Moveoutside365 Report

January 2019 
1     2.2 miles gym run 12 degrees snow on ground 5am
2     1.8 miles house -4 degrees clear moon planets 6am, need my reflector jacket, first mile blows then it gets fun
3     1.2 miles from climbing gym 7 degrees Patterson rush hour exhaust breathing felt good after a half mile
4     2.25 miles house to school 630pm felt good after skiing all day 25 degrees
5     8 miles Dominguez Escalante new route 10 degrees  great day exploring, lee fell on snowy slab
6    2.25 miles 5pm light snow 32 degrees
7    2.0 miles 1200pm to Lincoln park from school 36 degrees a little inside right knee pain
Week 1 Total: 19.7 miles!
I take short notes after each run and you are getting the unedited version. I won’t always feel good or go too fast but I will tell you how it went. It’s not too late to begin, if you need to only do 2 days a week or only 3 or whatever, just make sure that you follow through!
Behavior of the Week
“Follow Through”
If you don’t know what this means is to do what you say. It is just that simple. If you say that you will call someone in an hour, do it. If you say you are going to eat healthy, do it. No excuses. It is not always easy or even fun but stick to your word.. Your peers, friends and family will see the change in you as they come to understand that you are a follow through person.
Again tell everyone that you are doing this #moveoutside365 so that they help hold you accountable. I am using a Suunto Ambit2 to keep track of my runs/hikes. I am running in SCARPA Spin trail shoes. You can use an APP on your phone. I also take notes after each run: The distance, the time, temperature, location and how I felt. IT will help me see the progression!
What did I learn after week 1:
That I ran 19 miles my first week and that running in the freezing temperatures isn’t that bad : )
Skiing with my boys at Sunlight Mountain Resort
0104191320a0105191207_burst02Going to climb this little guy soon! Psyched.

Day 1 Run Log

2.2 miles this morning at 5:15am  It was 12 degrees. Definitely a two pair of pants kind of day!

Please let me know if you are going to join me in this quest. I already have 2 others joining me that I know of. I know you can do it.

If you think that you are too busy, here is a normal day for me.

Wake 4:45am or a little later.

Work at the gym at 5:15am until 645am

Shower and get to my high school by 7:03am

Work till 3pm

Pick up my kids from school by 3:15pm

Hike/Play/Climb with kids till 4:45pm

Help with dinner at house or get kids practicing piano or doing homework till 7pm

Books with kids 7:00 to 7:30pm

Bed by eight unless I train on the treadwall.

You can fit a 20 minute run in if I can!!!!



2019 is about to get a little bit busier for me, but in a good way and for a great reason.      

I am going to exercise outside everyday of the year.

I want to do this so that I can improve my overall fitness and health, but also inspire others to spend time away from their phones, laptops and tv’s. Recent studies have shown that the time spent per day on technology is increasing to absurd amounts for the average american.

As a high school teacher, I witness the loss of the connection with the outdoors on a daily basis. Students come to school everyday and anchor in on their personal devices and don’t ever come out, not even for a fire drill. We as a species are losing our greatest connection with the earth and that is the outdoors. The only way to get it back is to create a new habit of exercising outside everyday, rain or shine, hot or cold.

My expectations are simple:

  1. I will run/ski/hike outside at least 1 mile everyday of the year.
  2. I will record my journey on my blog once a week, so that others may know my progress. robpizem.com
  3. I will encourage as many people to join me in moving outside 365.

My goals are simple:

  1. Spend time exercising outside every day of the year.
  2. Inspire others to make a habit of being outside.

Please join me in getting others outside by making this your goal for 2019 and by also using the hashtag #moveoutside365 to let others know about it.