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Intro to Treadwall use:

This is the first of an ongoing series of videos that will explore the Kor Model Treadwall by Brewersledge. Topics in future short videos will include: setting, climbing, training, technique and many others. Follow Rob Pizem, sponsored climber, husband and father of two show you how Treadwall training fits into his busy life in addition to how it can be the most important part of your training program.

Route Setting:

Keeping a logbook:

This video describes the information that I keep track of while on a training program. The point of keeping a logbook is to be able to identify what conditions I perform best under and when will I be most likely to fail. Understanding how you perform and why you perform is very powerful. Sending your project is never luck, you just may think so because you haven’t been paying close enough attention.

Warming Up:

This short climbing training video provides some ways to warm up before climbing on your home wall or Treadmill.


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For more videos on training on the treadwall check out my youtube page:

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